Lethal Camaro & Lethal Garage Products will be back in stock on 8/7/18

Welcome to Lethal Garage Inc.


Need Car Parts Installed?

The Lethal Garage is now open for business. Need that body kit installed, how about a set of headers or lowering springs? Hit the Lethal Garage up on Instagram for pricing and details. @LethalGarage

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Bead Maker & Brake Buster!

The two products I use most are now available through Lethal Garage Inc. I use Bead Maker on everything and love it and Brake Buster is the only product that cleans my wheels and also leaves them shiny without the need of additional products.

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Exclusive Lethal Gear

Starting things off right with Lethal Camaro gear, look to see Lethal Garage and more unique designs in the months to come. But as of now purchasing a t-shirt, hoodie, hat or decal is the best way to support the channel.

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A Message to the Family!

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