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I am passionate car enthusiast looking to share my journey around my build, provide reviews/guides around products and continue my pursuit in learning more about cars everyday. 


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Starting things off right with Lethal Camaro gear, look to see Lethal Garage and more unique designs in the months to come. But as of now purchasing a t-shirt is the best way to support the channel.

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From the roots of YouTube now to Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. Make sure to join the Lethal Family to see what is going on with the car, shows and much more!



Camaros and Coffee

It isn't a new concept, but we love cars, we love cleaning our cars, we love showing off our cars and talking cars. Hence Camaros and Coffee! This get together happens quarterly and once a year turns into CamaroCon a new Summer time car show for Camaros! Find out when the next event will take place at the link below.

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