To make it abundantly clear to anyone looking for information on this topic, I wanted to outline the companies I am either Affiliated with.

It has never been my intention to fool or imply to any members of the Lethal Camaro family that they should buy products I review or enjoy. I am sharing my opinion with details, facts, dyno info, and first-hand experience. I highly encourage anyone to fully consider all details of a product before they buy and get 2nd or 3rd opinions if needed.

Phastek Performance - Ricardo and Jason were the first company to support the Lethal Camaro channel. I had purchased products from Phastek well before any conversations took place, and discussions of supporting the channel and sponsorship took place in early 2016. Phastek has provided discounts on purchased products, some free products via Vendors, and introductions to car part companies looking for reviews on products.

Phastek also allowed us to offer the Lethal Camaro family a chance to also save on Camaro products with the introduction of the Lethal5 discount code. This code works on select products and will save you 5% on your purchase. If a product is on sale or offers free shipping, this code may not work.


ZL1addons - ZL1addons reached out to me after I did my own Jack Pad/Mag Pad review. They offered to refund my money on the purchase for providing the review, and I turned them down. John reached back out and asked if I would be interested in reviewing other products or crafting install guides and I agreed to do a few of them.

In return, John has provided some free product and I have purchased other products for the channel, and I have shared my review and thoughts on his products or I have provided an install guide. Like Phastek, I have also reached an agreement to offer you a chance to save some money with a coupon code. Using Lethal5 at checkout will save you 5% on any purchase.


If you have any questions around the Affiliates I have chosen to work with, please let me know.