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To make it abundantly clear to anyone looking for information on this topic, I wanted to outline the companies I have Affiliated with.

It has never been my intention to fool or imply to any members of the Lethal Camaro family that they should buy products I review or enjoy. I am sharing my opinion with details, facts, dyno info, and first-hand experience. I highly encourage anyone to fully consider all details of a product before they buy and get 2nd or 3rd opinions if needed.

Phastek Performance - Ricardo and Jason were the first company to support the channel. I had purchased products from Phastek well before any conversations took place, and discussions of supporting the channel and sponsorship took place in early 2016. Phastek has provided discounts on purchased products, some free products via vendors, and introductions to car part companies looking for reviews on products.

Phastek also allowed us to offer the Lethal Camaro family a chance to also save on Camaro products with the introduction of the Lethal5 discount code. This code works on select products and will save you 5% on your purchase. If a product is on sale or offers free shipping, this code may not work.


Red Barn Racing - Mike has been doing the motor work on Lethal since the first major modification. Mike recently kicked off his own shop and started offering services beyond just upgrading motors and I felt working with one direct contact for all of my vehicle and racing needs was the better option.

Mike has been in lock step with me in providing the best spec'ed hardware and products I need to launch and run my car, while we haven;t been racing a lot lately, that is all about to change. Mike has his finger prints on my motor rebuild from her last upgrades to all the current tuning. 

I have never meet another builder/tuner who does what Mike can do. If you found out about Mike from my channel or videos, let Mike know! He will offer the lethal discount.


Detroit Speed - DSE has been a huge part of the Lethal Classic once the ball got rolling.They have provided great customer service in outlining product I should get or need for my application. DSE isn't just a bunch of guys coming into work to sell a product, they are car enthusiasts, racers, and builders who are dead set in offering the best products for all applications we use our vehicles for.

DSE has sponsored the Lethal Classic with a discount on products (suspension, Steering and Fuel tank) but has also extended a discount code to the lethal family to save on your next purchase. Use code: LethalGarage.


Anderson Composites - A leader in late model carbon fiber products, Anderson Composites has made a name for themselves with quality products that are easy to install and look amazing. Anderson has been a huge part of the Lethal Garage story with early support for Camaro Con and being apart of my build. 

Anderson Composites extended a discount sponsorship on a few products and has also provided a very generous discount for the lethal family. Use code: Lethal to take 20% off your order via their website. 


Anvil Auto - From late model to old school, Anvil Auto has separated themselves as a aftermarket company who makes some really nice products. While wait times for their products can be a bit longer, they are always worth the wait. I purchased my first spoiler from Anvil Auto for my 5th Gen Camaro back in 2014, and purchased a spoiler for Lethal and a bunch of goodies for the Lethal Classic.

Anvil has offered the channel discounts on products for both my 6th Gen & 2nd Gen Camaro. 


If you have any questions around the Affiliates I have chosen to work with, please let me know.

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