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Lethal Build Sheet - 5/9/24

Lethal Build Sheet - 5/9/24

Time to make her my own. I am a guy of clean lines and clean adjustments. So here is my build! I hope you enjoy my journey as much as I am going too.

Day #1

Latest Image

Vehicle: 2016 Camaro 2SS
Color: Summit White Exterior & Jet Black Interior
Transmission: A8 Auto
Options: NPP, MRC, Black Bow Ties, NAV, 5 Split-Spoke black rims.

Points of Interest:

  1. Current RWHP: 999+
  • Whipple is at 24lbs of boost
  • Best 1/8 Mile Slip: 5.2sec (Famoso 2023)
  • Best 1/4 Mile Slip: 9.2sec (Famoso 2020)
  • Best 1/4 Mile Trap Speed: 158mph
  • Best 60': 1.165sec
  • Fastest Lethal Has Gone: 197mph

Completed Upgrades:


Suspension / Wheels:


Interior Mods:

Future Upgrade Ambitions:

  • Whipple 3.8L

About $89k all in at this point after replacing and fixing parts. As of 6/21/22

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